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Andrew's Dream: for joystick_hand [23 Sep 2005|12:31am]
[ mood | dreaming ]

Andrew walks down a long corridor filled with many unopened doors. The first door he comes across is a small red one. He opens the door and sees Johnathon.

"You killed me." Johnthan accused with a hint of pain in his eyes.
"I had no choice" Andrew explained
"Yes you did. You knew...you knew it wasn't him." Johnathan yelled blood slowly oozing out of his eyes
"Yes!! Yes I did! But i didn't want to kill you!" Andrew started to cry.
"But you did." Johnthan screamed as he witherd and died all over again.

The door closed.

Andrew turned around to the other door, a white one. He opens the door and sees Willow. She's smiling.

"Willow, whats going on?" Andrew asked confused.
"You know I'm going to kill you." she said with and eerie smile.
"What?" Andrew asked again, confused.
"You stole my best friend from me. You took him...from me....from us. I have to kill you."
"Willow, please!" Andrew pleased
"BASTARD!" She screamed and cried
"Bored now." She said and transformed into Dark Willow. With a sadistic smile, a blast of energy blasts from her hands and closes the door.

Standing there in a daze, Andrew continues down the long corridor and finially comes to a large blue door. He reaches for the doorknob, but the door is kicked open....by Buffy.

"What in the hell do you think you're doing?" Buffy asked questiongly...
"I don't know. I'm kinda sorta lost." Andrew explain.
"You don't belong here." She counterd quickly.
"I know, I know, but I don't know how to get out." Andrew explained.
"Leave him alone. If you hurt him...I will kill you."
"Whats with everyone wanting to kill me today??" Andrwe asked confused....he didn't do anything wrong! He's been one of the good guys...
"And I won't stop her." Dawn suddenly said stepping into the doorframe...
No....not Dawnie...what did he do to deserve this?
"Dawnie..." Andrew began reaching out.
"Stay away. We warned you." Buffy said as she kicked Andrre to the ground and the door slammed into his face.

Lying on the ground Andrew was completely dazzeld. Suddenly someone was picking him up.

It was Xander. Andrew turned around and buried himself in the arms of his love.
"Xand, I do'nt know whats going on....where are we?" Andrew cried
"Shhhh, it's okay..it's okay....I'm here now.'
"Lets get out of here...." Andrew said muffled by Xander's clothing.
"Not just yet....there's someone you have to meet." Said not Xander...but someone he knew very...very well."
Andrew pulled away, and magically he was in the arms of the dead Warren.

"Hello lover." He said with a sinister smile...
Andrwe backed away in fear and horror. "Www-Waren?"
"Yes baby, its me." He said with his arms wide open.
"Bbb-but you're dead." Andrew said with open eyes.
"I'll never die....not as long as you live Andrew. I'll always live in you."
"Where did Xander go?" Andrew said weakly
"He'll never compare to me you know....you'll always think of me. When you're kissing him, snuggling with him...having sex with him.."
"SHUTUP!! YOURE DEAD!! YOU....YOU CANT BE HERE!" Andrew yelled in pain crying.
Warren stepped forward. "Baby....how many times do I have to tell you...you can't get rid of me....i'll always be here...." As he pointed to his head.

"No..." Andrew whispered...as he fell to the floor

"Yes...and as long as you continue to love Xander....i'll be haunting you. In your dreams....youre nightmares...your throughts...i'll be everywhere."


"Face it. You have no future with him. No-one will allow it. Buffy, Dawn, Willow, none of them will ever consider you part of theie little gang, even if you're dating the seer. So you might as well give up...and die."


"Even Xander won't accept it. I mean you're nothing but his little play toy anyway. He'll use you...and dump you."


"Just...like....I did."

"STOP!!!" Andrew screamed.

Warren laughed...

"I'll be seeing you..." Warren said with another sinister smile, and dissapeerd. leaving behind him a decaying Johnathan, Dark Willow and a very pissed off Buffy and Dawn.
All decending aopn him leaving nothing but total darkness....

Andrew screamed in pain....

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for buffy_hereafter [30 May 2005|01:08am]
[ mood | bored ]

I finished writing in my supercool Watcher's Journal, and put it away in my secret drawer with a key. Not even Xander knows about this. I like to keep my watcher's Diary's...well diary, single, secret, unlike a certain other watcher who left his wide open for his slayer to read...**coughcoughGILEScoughcough**. But since, as of now, I have no slayer I can boss around, I only write for myself.

As I look over at the clock, I realize that I've been in my room for about an hour now, it can get kind of boring here in Salem because there really isn't anything for a watcher like me to do. I lock the key to my drawer and put the key into another drawer wit ha pincode that no-one knows ep1sucks.

I then put on my best flannel collar shirt, with a t-shirt on underneath and kakhi pants and walk out of my room, heading twoards the library. I really havent seen anyone in aprticualr that I could have a chat with recently, it's just been me and Giles, Giels and I in the library. I've been following him, watching him, he seems realy comfertable in the library, probally because he used to be a librarian. One can only guess.

But he's been a great teacher so far, teaching me to organize not only books and stuff, but my thoughts as well, it comes in ahndy when one has to think of a plan of the top of their heads. I don't think I can do that just yet.

I enter the library nad look around to see if anyone was there. If not then I'll start re-arranging the books or something.

God I'm bored.

[[open to anyone in the library]]

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chosen_legacy [09 Mar 2005|08:22pm]
Why didn't I die?

I ask that question to myself over and over...Anya sacrificed her life for me. She died fighting...but she shouldn't have been the one who had to die. I saw Xander's eyes. He tried to be strong saying what he said to me...but I knew deep inside he was hurting...and that he blamed me for her death.

Why didn't I die? I prepared this whole dying speech...about life and how heroically poetic it could be. I was ready...okay maybe I wasnt..but still, I'm Andrew Wells...all geek, no fight...how did I survive? I mean Anya was a 1000 year old demon who I know had to fend for herself acouple of times...I knew...because I felt it many times with her fists hitting my face...that women has power!!

Had...had power.

Somehow I blame myself for her death. If she wasnt paired with me, she would've had smoeone strong to watch out for her and protect her. Everyone knew that I couldnt harm a fly. I mean those stabs I took at the Bringers were lucky strikes...I'm lucky I took them down! I was in total shock that I was still living...I was in total shock that the town got swallowed...

I look around the bus...Potentials...or what was left of them...were tending to wounds...everyone seemed to be releaved that we made it....except for me. I didn't understand it...I should not be here...I'd give anything to ahve Anya alive again...I'd trade my place for hers...everyone would be happier that way...and I would be satisfied....

I sigh and look down at my bloodstained shirt...I touch it and I'm reminded of that bloody battle that occured only hours ago. The blood, the death, the fear that we would not make it...that I would not make it. But I did...relunctantly. They pulled me out, without a chance to look for her...I mean who knows, she might still be alive...she could've been temprary taken down...but who am I kidding? I knew good and well that that Bringer sliced her and killed her. Why couldnt that have been me? I was so READY! I made my redemtion...and I fufilled my goal...to hang out and be part of the Slayers gang. I fufilled my destination in life and I was ready to join Warren and Johnathan to live as gods...

But i'm here. Alive. And i'm heading to L.A. to begin another chapter in my life.

But I can't help but wonder...

Why didn't I die?
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joystick_hand [09 Mar 2005|08:19pm]
We let the bronze in a happy mood, it was just before sunset...so it was okay to walk through dark allyways...and dark allyways meant no-one was around.

We held hands.

I was kinda scared. But he looked at me and smiled, which made me feel a whole lot better.

We walked hand in hand down the alley just before the opening to the street Xander lived on. Just then a Vampire jumped out of the shadows and pushed me down. I feel down to the ground and al I could hear was the sounds of punching and things crashing. I could only hope to god that Xander wasn't the one who was getting punched. If something happened to him...then God must truly hate me...because everytime something good happens to me, it always gets ruined.

I force myself to open my eyes and see that Xander is punching the hell outta that stupid vamp who pushed me down. It looked as if he was really into it, he pulled a stake from hmi pocket and jabbed into the Vamp's heart and it dusted getting all over his jacket.

I stand up amazed, This just makes him look even sexier...a male slayer...mmmmm I think to myself. But right now I'm speechless...

I smiles at me and we take hands again and he leads me to his apartment.
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we_happy_few [09 Mar 2005|08:17pm]
[ mood | crushed ]

I...can't beleive that just happend. I mean how could I be so stupid! I KNEW that Xander was drunk...and...and...it meant nothing to him. Absolutely nothing. I could tell it b y the way he absently walked into the bathroom and "thanked" me and told me to leave.

How...how could...

I go back to my room, slowly open my door and close it behind me. I didnt know what to do...I jsut sat on my bed.

So this is what drinking and thinking gets me? I really don't know why I'm here...

Sure...I'm a watcher. Or at least I like to think so...and I have a slayer...Abby...I SHARE a slayer...and she dosn't even think of me as a watcher...we never train...she goes off and does her own thing.......

People don't respect me...don't respect my property...people are annoyed by me...they dismiss me like I do'nt even exist...and...

They use me. For they're own pleasure.
I have no use here...people don't take me seroiusly, no-one here cares for me...

He dosn't care for me...

Why am I here??

I lay down on my bed not even bothering to take off my clothes...I just lay there...

And I cry.

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we_happy_few [09 Mar 2005|08:16pm]
Giles and Buffy left me at the bar without even saying goodbye or "Get the hell outta my face Andrew...".


I wasnt in the mood to go back to the hotel, seeing as it just gave me bad vibes...and the last time I was there, Connor ripped my favorite shirt to peices. I swear. No respect for other people's property. He's probally out frolocking going around and ripping up other people's shirt for all I know.

Being at the bar for a while gave me a chance to think. This cute guy gave me a wink...and even sat down next to me hoping for a chat. I was so nervous I got up an left. I just don't think I'm ready for a relationship...or am I? I don't know...ever since.....Warren.....I don't think I can handle another heartbreak.

I wandered the careless streets of L.A. thinking to myself...thinking over my life and what i'm fufilling...I'm a (junior) watcher, I have my own slayer (with whom I share with Giles), and I ahve a good environmetn around me...although most of the people thin I'm annoying and dont feel like talking with me...

I'm happy.

I think.

Am I really?

I go back to the hotel and somberly open the doors...knowing no-one was there to greet me.

I hate being depressed.

[open to anyone who wants to cheer up a depressed Andrew]
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joystick_hand [10 Feb 2005|10:33pm]
I watched in hunger and lust as he pops that hotpocket into the microwave.

Ohhhh....i havent had one in so long...I start to saliva...

Mmmm....meaty goodness....

"Hey, lucky you, last one." I hear him say..

"Yes. Lucky Me." I say in a trance not only admiring the meaty god...but also the gos that was standing before me. God he's hott.

I snap back to reality as he says "Well good. I'm sure you want to be in clean clothes as much as everyone else does." as he blushes and apoligizes.

"None taken" I say to him as I walk up to him and pat him on his back...


Why do I always do that??

"So whats the sitch around here? Whats new in Slayer Central?" I ask him taking my hand off his smooth back...wishing I could keep it on there longer. "Cause you know, no-one bothers to talk to me and such."
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be_heroes [02 Jan 2005|05:52pm]
I was planning on taking Baily to dinner...then I remembered that I had to talk to Wes about my job.

That at the moment didn't exist.
So i told Bailey 'raincheck' and went off to find Wes.

I'm going to be a kick ass Watcher!!


[[ open to Wes, or anyone who wants to bump into him on the way there]]
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for _lie_to_me_ [31 Dec 2004|12:56pm]
Star Log -- 1998 naw...too geeky

Dear Diary naw..too girly

Dear Journal me? a journal?? eh...no.

yea...thats better

Things around here have been pretty...well...normal. And when I say normal, I mean everyone is still picking on me at school, Tucker still hates me, and I'm still not getting the hang of this summoning thing.

Summoning, as in bringing forth a creature from another plain. Well, Tucker showed me how to do it one night. I think he was high then, because he NEVER asked me to hang out with him before...but he did, and he taught me how to summon, he said this sort of incantation and thie thing jumped out of a portal, and growled...I hid behind the couch being the whimp that I was. Tucker laughed and made it dissapeer and gave me this book and told me to try it.

I tried it.

It didn't work.

Stupid Tucker...

So now i'm sitting here, trying to get the hang of this summoning thing...and it's just not working.

And school's not any better, no one likes me...everyone had their own little group the hang out with and I'm sick of it. No one pays attention to me, they act like I don't even exist. Well execpt for the Johnathan guy. He's kinda cool. err...He's sorta cool He's alright. I see him in the halls sometimes, he shuffles along, while dropping his books...well more like people throwing his books downand laughing at him while he picks them up.

He's a nice guy...sort of..




Err...sorry about that...stupid brother...wanted to borrow my dolls figurenes to experiment bringing them alive...i'm sorry, but NO ONe touches my dollies er..figuriens...anyway, where was I???


Oh yea...Johnathan..hea he's alright, I bet he knows how I'm feeling, no-one liking you, everyone ignoring you, hell, I'm sick and tired of it...i've gotta do somethign about it.

Hey...the school play is comming up...maybe somehow I can get their attention and then they'd notice me!



Andrew the great

~ Andrew Wells -- popular extrodiair! ~
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be_heroes [13 Nov 2004|12:45pm]
Hmmmm, Angel said that I could work in the research department...so here I go!

His secratary took my down to the main floor and had me fill out some paperwork. She seemed really nice...her n ame was harmony...she seemed really familliar though..couldnt place her.

After filling o ut the paperwork, she said that I should go talk to Wesley or Fred, to get me started. So I guess I should start looking for them...

This is gonna be so cool! I actually have a job! and I'm living in L.A.!! I haveto see s ome people though...like Spike, and Faith, and Buffy...wellm aybe not Buffy, she might be a little pissed i'm here.

I could imagine it:

"Andrew!! What the hell are you doin here?? Blah blah blah, blah blah, blah blah blah blah blah blah!!!! BLAH!!!"

Yep...thats how s he would react.

Hm...I just realized something...I need a place to stay. I gotta search for an apartment and everything.

Well, now that I have a job...i can aford it!!!

I gotta talk to Wes or Fred!!

This is SO COOL!!!

[open to anyone at W&H]
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[14 Oct 2004|07:13am]
I headed downstairs twoards the training room to get (as he put it) 'hot and sweaty' which i was READY to!!

And I couldnt stop looking at him as we held hands on the way down. There was something about him that did something to me. And i loved it. I loved him.

I continued to stare at him as we headed down the stairs and me being the kutz that I was, fell down the stairs.

I get up and act like it didn't happend and I see Luke laughing at me.

I through something light at him.

"Shutup!"I said laughing myself.

Heloved me even through my flaws. Oh how I love this boy!!!

I walked over to one of the counters and got opne of my magick books...

"So, how do you wanan train today?"

[tag: Luke]
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be_heroes [05 Oct 2004|09:49am]
After my little spat with...well..whoever she was (never did get her name but i'm sure I'll be seeing her alot more often), I left her office shaking in my boots.

Shte told me she'd be watching me and one wrong move and i'm gone. I think it's safe to say that she scares me half to death!!

I gotta go see Angel and tell him about her. And to tell him about me also. I'll tell him that Giles sent me to see what was up with the Time ELipse thing, and that he sould hire me while i'm here also....so I can keep an eye out on this place.

I'm so excited!! I get to be a Spy!! 'Wells, International Spy'. Has a nice ring to it.

Hmf! How di i get out of this place? The woman's office was like in the back of the building!! Where the heck am I?

I stop some random young woman in the hall with papers in her hands.

"Umm excuse me? Can you tell me how to get to Mr. Angel's office?"

"Sure!" she said bubbly "Just take this hallway down, turn right at the first office, then left at the water fountain, then two more rights, a curve, and then a left to get to the elevator. Then after pressing the code, push the ground floor number and get off. Then go straight for about 3 minutes, then make 3 lefts, a right, and then 2 more lefts. Go up the stairs, and make a left and you're there!!"


"Uh thanks" I said trying to remember every last detail she said.

As she walked off I shouted "Wait!!! Whats the code number???"

"56930495667432!!" She shouted.

I'm never gonna get out of this place alive!!!!

As i racked my brain going down the hall, tring to remember what she said (and taking some great guesses), I thought about that woman i met with earlier. She was a stange one, and said she ran the place. But I thought Angel ran the place, which was very confusing especailly for a Spy like me. She didn't even know my Job and she just let me go. But I get the feeling that won't be the last tie that I see her.

After about 15 minutes of guesses and brain farts, I arrived at Angel's office VERY out of breath.

I knocked on the door and awaited my beginning of a new life.

"I'm a Spy...and a damn good one. Oh yea." I say to myself.

[tag: angel]
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be_heroes [04 Oct 2004|11:51am]
Wow. L.A.!! It's nice to be back in California again! Smelling the fresh...well...maybe not fresh....air, umm...well, the buildings are tall...thats something right?

Woah...let me back track. The reason i'm here is a long story...actually it's not that long. Well it depends on how you look at it. You might consider it a long story if you have trouble reading, yet it your a speed reader and you have a photogenic memory....Okay...i'm getting the the story now...geez! Don't be so impatient!!

I've been staying in Rome in Buffy's apartment with Dawn for the past couple of months. I got a call from Giles a couple of days ago saying that he sent Buffy and Faith to L.A. to keep a lookout on Wolfram and Hart, I already knew because Buffy told me not to touch any of her stuff(LIKE I WOULDN'T!!). Anyway, Giles told me it would a good idea to follow her and to keep an eye out for her and Wolfram and Hart and to communitcate back to him on my findings. He also told me about this time ellipse thing, and how some blue demon changed time or something (sounds like the time when Warren, Johnathan and I put that spell on Buffy to be stuck in a Magic Box sale over and over again -- ahh good times!!), so he wants me to get some information on that as well (that explains the all of a sudden major de-ja-vu). He promoted me to Junior Watcher and I am to speak to Angel, Buffy's forbidden vampire ex-lover (whoo! talk about drama!) about being hired there. Still don't know if i can trust Angel and the gang, he's running an EVIL corporation for God's sake...

Anyway, I took a flight from Rome to here (IT TOOK FOREVER!!), now i'm in the busy streets of L.A. again, heading towards the W&H building. I remember being here before, meeting the rest of the gang, tight-ass Gunn, rugged Wesley, broody Angel, and sweet Fred. And hey, Spike being alive...shocker of my life!! You can't imagine how hard it was keeping that secret from Buffy (especially when this girl can kick your ass in a second). I remember comming for the insane-o slayer, and then telling Angel off (yea...imagine me..Andrew..telling a vamp off!) and telling him that his place is evil and that we coupldt trust him anymore. Maybe this isn't a good idea...it's not to late to back out!!

No, i gotta face this head on. Who knows? Maybe this can be fun!!

I call Giles on his cell and leave a message.

"Hi G-Man. It's Andrew..listen, i'm at Wolfram and Hart and i'm about to walk in the door. Looks like there's big business goin on up in here and i'm going to use my dectective skills to figure out what really's goin on! I'll check back in with you after I talk with Angel. Andrew, over and out."

I hang up and walk inside....and it's exactly how i remeber it before. I see so many people wandering around, with breifcases and suits (felt kind of intimidated with my lunch bag and my fake spectacles). I decide to take a look around the place.

I see Harmony sitting at the desk talking on the phone, and Eve, the other blond hottie walking twoards Angel's office...lawyers, scientists, security guards, the works.

Just gotta get to Angel's office without any distractions....hey!!

Someone just rudely bumped into me...typical L.A.

"Hey...watch where you're going!!"

[tag: anyone]
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ANH [02 Oct 2004|06:48pm]
I guess you could say that i've distanced myself from everyon lately. I havent really talked to anyone in the last 2 months...just kept myself busy with resarching with Dawn on this mind controlly bracelet thing that Dr. Alex gave Oz.

Not that I know anything about it. I've jsut heard things...now they have me reseaching on it. I'm glad though, but just distanced i guess....after Amy, and Mel and everything else, jsut figured everything would be better if i didn't talk to anyone. Kept my distance and let them live their own lives...

But hangin out with Dawnie gal is fun! And I SO did not cheat in D&D...please i've been p alying Dungeon's and Dragons since i was a wee l ittle infant!! She's just whiney thats all. I havent really talked to Xander in a while...or Riley...for that matter. Heard that Willow's a vamp now with a soul. Wicked awsome!! ((And let me tetll you...they hot slayer/witchvamp sex..even louder!! Gotta get my c amera back and w orkin so i can catch them in action!!))

Mel hasn't talked to me in a while...not that i am very social mind you...sometimes i think my life would be better if I was a eunic....i mean, no girls like me, no guys like me. Yea i think eunic is the way to...

OUCH!!! What was that?? I got a pain in my chest, like a sharp little nudge....oh no....MY HOTPOCKETS!!!!


I rush to the kitchen...open up t he fridge...


They're empty!! All of them....gone!!!

life has no meaning....
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